Welcome To PorterPlus by CleanOffice

Specializing in Cleaning Programs for Multi-Family Properties

In 2016, CleanOffice, one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the DC Metropolitan area, introduced their PorterPlus division. PorterPlus is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for Cleaning, Porter and Light Maintenance Services for multi-family properties. Today, PorterPlus supports over 75 multi-family properties in the DMV and is on a mission to raise the expectations for multi-family service providers.

“With the growing emphasis on life-style in the Multi-Family market-segment, it only made sense for our company to have a service-offering that is specifically focused on apartment properties and condominium communities. PorterPlus is a natural extension of the CleanOffice organization, and is setting new standards for service, support and communication in the Multi-Family real estate market segment.”
Greg Buchner, President/CEO, CleanOffice/PorterPlus