PorterPlus focuses on providing a wide-variety of Porter Services and Special Project Capabilities to the following work environments:

  • High-rise Condo/Apartments

  • Garden Condo/Apartments

  • Retail/Strip Centers

  • Data Centers

  • Churches/Schools

  • Automotive

  • Secure Facilities

As a company, we are keenly aware that each property and client are different, and one-size does NOT fit all. With this in mind, our program focuses on providing your property with the most cost-effective level of support based on your specific needs.

Areas of Service

  • Common Area Cleaning for High Rise Properties

  • Breezeways, Entrance Areas and Grounds for Garden-Style Properties

  • Exterior Cleaning and Parking Lot Patrol for Retail Centers

  • Changing Lightbulbs

  • Grounds Keeping

  • Exterior Pressure Washing

  • Above-Scope Cleaning

  • Clean/Maintain Dumpster Areas

  • Handling of Compactor Containers

  • Carpet Cleaning and Floor Work

  • Special Event Support

  • Parking Lot Support

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